Match Made in Heaven

P1010798 (1024x768)I must admit to being a little flummoxed when folk talk of “plant associations”.  We are not talking about The Clubmoss Society or the Association of Pennywort Fanciers but how individual plants work with others in the garden.   It is basically a poncy way to say “they go well together”.  I agree that it is important to arrange things so they do not clash or smother but rather enhance, ensuring the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  My point is whether or not it is a science to be studied and be debated upon for hours on end or something that comes with experience, naturally or by chance.  This Papaver bracteatum is growing behind the flowering Euphorbia “Ascot Rainbow” and one of its lax stems is using its neighbour as support.  A association made in heaven and not one planned by man nor beast.



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9 responses to “Match Made in Heaven

  1. Well I think it is a really lovely plant association. I think you should take credit for it.

  2. It is a great combination. My daughter used to belong to an orchid society. She said it was full of intrigue and would have made a good setting for a mystery.

  3. diversifolius

    Heavenly indeed. Yeah, usually it is by chance that the best ones show up (with a bit of help of course… 🙂

  4. Bruggies

    The sort of ‘association’ I love best and so much better when ,as in this case, it is a satisfying surprise

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