P1010789 (769x1024)On Wednesday Superbaz called me over to point out a leak in the water tank that collects from the shelter roof.  “It was sort of my fault” he confessed “it was a bit of rust like this and I scrapped it off with my nail like this, oops there is another leak in the water tank”.  “Don’t touch anything else” I warned and gave him my steely glare “I will go and find something to fill the holes”.  “Don’t worry” he ignored “I will push a bit of mud into the hole, oops!”.

P1010790 (1024x768)The trickle was now doing an expert impression of the Manneken Pis in Brussels.  A desperate struggle ensued to find buckets, bowls and empty dustbins and we frantically bailed out to below the hole having saved most of our precious rainwater.  We then discussed relocating the tank at the top of the garden to take its place and all was calm.  As it was a glorious day and I had a special visitor to entertain this problem was pushed to the scrambled mess that is the back of my mind.  Two days later and I arrive at work to a similar water feature, this time neither the sun or SB were there to lighten the load.  So during a torrential downpour and an ever filling/emptying tank, I yet again bailed out, this time into the old tin bath by the frames.   This involved carrying a sloshing bucket down a slope which would now warrant a place in the finale of Its a Knock Out.  Some of you will be pleased to know that I stayed on my feet throughout this exercise, many will be surprised.  After our impressive guttering repairs earlier in the year I decided to stick with the winning formula of putty and faith, it has worked so far.  Now we must move that tank from the top of the garden …..

P1010801 (1024x768)



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5 responses to “Gush

  1. You make me laugh… thing I’ve seen all day……

  2. Bit of a nightmare, actually. It reminds me of a house we owned many years ago with a roof that was leaking so badly we had to set the alarm, get up every two hours throughout the night and empty the strategically placed buckets. Finally, we got a tarp over the whole thing and waited for the weather to dry up enough for the roof to be replaced.

    I know exactly what you mean when you say, “the scrambled mess that is the back of my mind”!

  3. diversifolius

    Quite an adventure!

  4. Yet more to keep you fit.

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