Just Peachy

26May14 039 (680x1024)This is Linaria purpurea “Peachy” a cultivar of the purple toadflax.  It has grown far taller than the expected 30cm, towering to at least twice that height.  I am not complaining, its willowy nature enhances the elegance and sophistication of this much under-rated plant.  The problem is I planted it in the wrong place.  What it needs to set off the delicate flowers is a strongly coloured backdrop which is not what it has at present. So the virtues of this precious pearl are lost except to those with the advantage of being able to stomp (delicately of course) across the border.  Do not fear, I will avenge you Peachy!



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9 responses to “Just Peachy

  1. diversifolius

    Very cute! I did a few seedlings of a L. aeruginea this year, but with this slow start who knows if they’ll flower…The Dahlia coccinea you gave me is still holding a nice purple foliage (a backdrop for the Peachy?)

  2. She is really very pretty and looks elegant too.

  3. I hardly ever get it right the first time. My plants get moved around a lot. Unless I have it on good authority that a plant absolutely must not be moved (and sometimes even then), I will move it sooner or later.

    Peachy looks like a pearl of a girl, but the sort of Linaria purpurea I’ve got can be seen in all the garden beds and all the way up the gravel driveway. Common purple toadflax self-seeds abundantly in our climate, so who knows where she will appear next year?

    I can’t bear to pull them up. They’re so pretty.

  4. nee Malvern Maid

    Don’t move her! Just go shopping and buy the right plant to be her backdrop! Win Win situation!

  5. She’ s new to me a and absolutely lovely. Can you grow her from seed, will she come true do you think?

  6. Michelle - Germany

    Oh she is lovely!! ❤ Agree with Malvern Maid …she may not like her new spot as much!

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