Raining Cats and Dogs

P1010825 (1024x766)On Friday I had a phone call from The Tribune to inquire whether I had recovered from my attack of the vapours and was back at work.  “Come on over, it would be lovely to see you” I said “Actually I am just outside the gate with the cat” “The cat?”.  Mr T arrived and with him the allusive Holiday Cat.  Quite why HC was outside waiting for an official invite I have no idea, he is not known to stand on ceremony.  Much to my disappointment I had heard that HC’s home in the Bay was up for sale so I had prepared, sadly, for the cessation of his visits.   I had taken his recent absence for a change of habit of his owners, perhaps they holidayed elsewhere now.  He bounded through the gate and straight up the tree, gazing down with that crazy cat look in his eyes, and made him self comfortable next to The Dog in the Parrotia whilst meowing intently.  He is not usually quite so flighty, maybe it was the rain, maybe it was Mr Tribune (although he has never made me want to climb a tree), maybe he was just being a crazy cat.  Nice to have him back.



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5 responses to “Raining Cats and Dogs

  1. We watched an interesting program on the Knowledge Network last night. It was all about cats. Researchers were trying to figure out where cats were first domesticated (probably Egypt). One thing about cats I didn’t know is that they are never entirely domesticated, in that they can always survive in the wild. They adjust their diet to match what is available and can live almost anywhere on the planet. Now, this was a surprise to me, as I’ve seen cats walk away from perfectly good food that just doesn’t happen to be their usual food.

  2. diversifolius

    I’m surprised you don’t have your cat there at Cliffe – they are so useful, at least here there’s no nursery without a cat (chipmunks, voles… they keep everything in check 😉

    • Yes a full time cat would be great, Hero brought in an advert the other day from the RSPCA relocating feral cats to small holdings etc. It was something we were going to investigate.

  3. I do hope HC doesn’t go too far away. It is such fun to watch these complicated animals.

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