26May14 030 (1024x682)Today was unexpected.  Not the actually day, I was pretty certain it would be Tuesday and I wasn’t disappointed, but the weather.  Yet again I was inappropriately dressed.  It started grey but muggy and turned blue but muggy.  Don’t get me wrong, if I am to be taken unawares I would much rather be shocked at how warm and sunny it is than how cold and wet, it is just that I got very very hot and just a little bit bothered.  Busy busy, too many clothes, hills and heat make for a rather wearing day.

This Crinodendron hookerianum enjoyed the warmth, but then it didn’t have to move very far.



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14 responses to “Wearing

  1. I had the same experience today, tomorrow, heavy rain all day, waterproofs needed.

  2. Cathy Marjoram

    Only saw my garden at a distance today…I was ‘being good’ repainting Finn’s room! x

  3. diversifolius

    It was sticky hot here too, and I had no Crinodendron to look at 😦

  4. Well it’s ‘stair rods’ here so I’m cleaning up, not something I do very often as I can’t tear myself away from the garden usually. Hope you have a better day…..

  5. Our weather has been very changeable, too. You just don’t know what to put on in the morning.

  6. First rain, today strong winds. The wind is worse, I can’ t stand it. But I too have a beautiful Crinodendron hookerianum to look at. It lives in a pot but it doesn ‘ t seem to mind.

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