P1010875 (1024x769)Robbie is becoming bolder and bolder. Each morning he is waiting at the potting shed door and darts in and out throughout the day, snack in beak, seemingly oblivious as to whether there is gardener in residence or not. Due to the inclement weather (trans. strong winds, incessant rain) I was confined to barracks for much of the day and the frequency of these visits was such that I can only guess there are babes to feed.  The alternative is that he will soon need a rocket booster to get his fat behind off the ground.

A loud crash diverted my eye from potting-on towards the window and my initial thought was, “how unlike you Robs, perhaps you were attempting to grab a particularly succulent morsel and forgot to put the brakes on”.  However glancing to my left I noticed that Robbie was also observing whatever had made the undignified assault on the glass.  Baby Blue Tit! Copying the clever and cool in a manner both dim and disasterous.  BBT then proceeded to sit on the beam and twitter for his mum, who appeared to have others to worry about and was going to leave him to sort it out for himself.  After a session of headbanging that any Status Quo fan would be proud of, he moved onto the window handle to consider his predicament.  Quick as a slightly achy gardener who can’t remember where the keys are and with lots of rubbish in the way, I opened the window and pushed it wide.  He continued to sit on the handle, looking in the wrong direction, probably wondering where the draught was coming from.  It wasn’t until I went outside and shooed him off that he flitted away. He has a few lessons to learn, let us hope he lives long enough to tell the tale.



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11 responses to “BBT

  1. Lovely tale of your encounter today.

  2. Oh dear baby birds are always so gormless, it’s a wonder any survive at all. I have some particularly bone headed blackbird babies around at the moment. Thank goodness I haven’ t got a cat.

  3. Cathy Marjoram

    Naaaaw poppet! We’ve just witnessed the fledging of no less than 6 robins from a nest in our porch. Apparently that all the babies make it is quite unusual so hooray for their incredibly hard working parents. Naturally one of the babies exitted through the wrong arch and ended up in our sitting room.. but it was soon back on track sitting in full view on the ground, by the raised beds with frantic parents looking on…

  4. I have several powdery looking bird shapes on my bedroom window, I think they may be pigeons so I’m not too bothered.

  5. Michelle - Germany

    Aw! Lovely story! ❤ " Bone headed blackbird babies " Love it , Chloris! The birds eat us out of house and home and bring their babes, but we dont get the nests….. 😦 😦 I have so many empty boxes 😦 There is MUCH interest in one, from a Great Tit male, but just like last year he seems to have a female who has NO interest in raising young whatsover. She begs him for food and then he starts going hopefully in and out of the box and pecking madly at the hole (getting bigger and bigger in size!!) ….by which time she has flown off! Bless him…

  6. Michelle - Germany

    By the way, I may be bold and beg to differ…looks like a baby Great tit to me ??

  7. Wonderful story. I smiled until my face hurt. Reminded me of our little kitten, Wolfie, so brave and so foolish.

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