Tree Following – Missed and Manky

5June14 015 (1024x685)We have let you down, the medlar and me.  Firstly we missed the flowers.  Well I didn’t miss the flowers it is just that I didn’t take any photos of them.  Believe me they were stunning.  The best I could find for your delectation is this half flower.  Admittedly this is a little disappointing, especially after the big build-up from last time.  What is more the tree is looking decidedly, what us highly trained horticulturalists call, “manky”.

5June14 007 (1024x680)I have had a quick browse as to what this lurgy might be but the consensus is that Medlars are generally free from pest and disease.  It could be stressed, well so am I but I’m not covered in brown spots, hang on a minute……!



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15 responses to “Tree Following – Missed and Manky

  1. Shame about your Medlar…they are usually so healthy….!!

  2. Perhaps it’s suffering from the wind? (Of the non-gastric sort, of course.)

  3. I’ve just noticed – I’ve turned myself into Lucy Corranderucy. I hope I can turn back again.

  4. No my comment has vanished – complete with wrong name. Give up. I’ll just say ‘hello’.

  5. Well I don’ t know what your tree has to be so stressed about. I hope it recovers its sangfroid soon. A pity you missed the flowers but I am looking forward to learning all about bletting.

  6. The challenge is always there to get the good photos. I feel your stress!

  7. coastcard

    Well, a manky medlar! Better luck next spring … Thank you for sharing the photos you do have, though … 🙂

  8. Not the happiest of plants – I will agree. However, gardening is about ever-learning. Take courage! JC

  9. I love medlars, they are great trees. I wondered if you’d had late frost, we had a sharp one here a few weeks ago and it made all sorts of trees/shrubs look manky.

    • We haven’t really had any frosts at all this year, it is more likely to be the wind, it is quite exposed where it is. It is also a very old tree and maybe is just feeling its age!

  10. I’m sure they are usually gorgeous! Shame about this year’s crop.

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