Back up Again

11June14 021 (683x1024)I planned (with a little help from my friends) the following:  poisoned darts, swinging lump hammers, buckets of dye, highly trained ninja robin/mouse combo.  Then I realised that it really wasn’t worth the energy.  A gorgeous day, the garden heading in the right direction, why should this special time be spoilt by my anger.  In truth I feel sorry for whoever broke into the potting shed, I truly do.  I doubt they are happy people, I doubt whether they are content or fulfilled, to think that you can take what you want with no regard for the consequences.  No thought of the far reaching ripples.  I didn’t even cry this time.



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20 responses to “Back up Again

  1. I am so sorry you had to go through that. Very unpleasant. Still, it’s just stuff. They can’t take the sunshine. Keep smiling.

  2. diversifolius

    Sorry for what happened, but indeed is not worth wasting energy and time over it – as long as everyone is well and plants are flowering… 🙂

  3. How horrible. I am sorry, I think it is great how positive you are being.
    I did like the highly trained ninja robin/ mouse combo though. What a wonderful image. Specially if you arm them with mini swinging lump hammers.
    The garden is a great consolation when awful things happen.

    • And little pipes they can blow their poisoned darts through at the intruders’ ankles (mouse) and head (robin)! The garden is a very healing place, it doesn’t take long especially when the sun is shining.

  4. We belong to the block watch program, so we get emails whenever a crime is committed in our neighbourhood. Mostly it’s vehicles being broken into–crimes of opportunity, when cars are left unlocked or with the windows down a little. Most often, the thieves get nothing out of it at all. Love the mouse/robin army–it’s making a delightful picture in my mind.

  5. Oh Gill, I can sympathize with you, we’ve just recently had our allotments vandalized by some idiots on a destruction spree. They broke windows, gates and signs, and damaged and emptied our water butts. The good news (if I can say good news) is that they didn’t damage or steal any of our plants! Sad people with sad lives – they should take up gardening, I’m sure they’d be much happier for it.

    • Thank you Maggie, it just seems so unnecessary. Life can be tough enough as it is without this. I totally agree about the gardening therapy, a perhaps a week or two community service with me as their boss ……..

  6. Betsy Hosegood

    Glad you are soldering on. With nothing worth stealing this time, let’s hope they won’t bother trying again.

  7. ex34mush

    Now have to decide if I should lock all my sheds, and risk having the door smashed down, or leave them open in the hope that intruders are just looking for a bit of shelter. Decisions, decisions…

  8. Two years ago Malcolm and 12 other allotment holders had their sheds broken into ,all this happened 2 weeks before xmas….car booters we suspect…and the police said they could do nothing….this last winter vandals set fire to the bottom of his plot destroying a 100 year old tree plus all his equipment…he still soldiers on …as others have said , if you don’t ,they have won….chin up kid…thinking of you.

    • These were pros, just wanted the good stuff (of which there was none!), in, out and luckily didn’t shake too much about. I agree, they are not the winners, they are the losers. Thanks for kind words x

  9. Michelle - Germany

    There is very little to no crime on Santorini…thinking we should move there…..just awful. Of course you have taken the right approach, as anger only hurts you more and forgiveness heals. BUT not easy , not easy at all. I am so glad you are feeling better and that you have such wonderful neighbours to help and support you xxxxx This is a GORGEOUS photo, what is the plant please?? MUST MUST HAVE!! 😉

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