Digitalis “Ilumination Pink”

12June14 004 (683x1024)Does it matter that the symbol formerly known as Isoplexis canariensis is one of Digitalis “Ilumination Pink”‘s parents?  Does it matter that it has an extended flowering period?  Does it matter that I found it in the bargain bin in a mid Devon nursery?  Does it even matter that it is perennial?  What matters is that today, on 12 June 2014 at a secret location on the North Devon coast with a backdrop of Phlomis longifolia and sea, it looked spectacular.



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5 responses to “Digitalis “Ilumination Pink”

  1. That does look spectacular, what a cracking photo, almost tropical!

  2. diversifolius

    I cannot find another word, except spectacular too!!! – also the backdrop makes a big impression!
    Are you guys printing cards for the garden visitors to buy? This one would be a smash.

  3. Phlomis–one of my favourites! And the sea in the background, wow! And a perennial Digitalis–that’s worth mentioning, for sure. What a super photograph. It’s so festive.

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