12June14 033 (1024x1024)I found it very difficult to choose a photo for tonight’s post, in the end settling on this cerise peony lurking in the shade beneath the parrotia.  I am angry, I am beside myself, I am fuming.  This is twice in one week and I don’t like the feeling.  As someone who as a rule sees good in everyone and everything I find myself in new territory.  This time I am finding it almost impossible to be compassionate.  It has come to light that the intruders from earlier in the week decided to cut their losses and take plants instead.  The plants that they stole were special for various reasons.  Two were my own.  One was a present from my beloved; one was a gift from a friend who died a few months ago.  Both I cherished.  The people who took these plants knew what they were taking, they may well know me, they may well read this blog, they may well be laughing saying “fool!”.  All I want is five minutes with them, that would be sufficient.



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24 responses to “Fuming

  1. Sorry to hear that, you must be very fed up 😦

  2. Its been a busy week and I haven’t read all of your posts, so am late to this news. I am very sorry, I hope they are none of the things you write about but random chancers. Its gutting to lose plants with special memories, hope your weekend is better.

    • Tomorrow I will accept that on the scale of suffering this is far far down the mild end, today I am still pretty angry. If it wasn’t so idyllic here the serpent wouldn’t be so apparent. Thank you for your good wishes, I send them back to you 🙂

  3. diversifolius

    This is most regretable, considering that Clife seems to be a small community; but don’t give them even more satisfaction. After all there is something called karma (or any other name may have) and the peonies are blooming…

  4. Criminal, literally. It seems incredible that anyone would stoop so low. I am sure there’s nothing I can say to make things better, but nature always triumphs in the end. I hope the intruders develop canker, or clematis wilt, or become infested with lily beetles. Don’t let it spoil your faith in others.

  5. I am sorry to hear you had such a rotten week. It is very odd that they took plants, particularly special ones. Were the plants their main intent? Did they break into the shed to get a spade to dig them up? I have had thefts from allotments but not my garden. I once looked after a public garden and most of the thefts were opportunistic and were common plants but that was a garden open to the public. Anyway, I hope the weekend is better and you don’t give the crooks room in your head for too long.

  6. I’ m so sorry, what sort of low life would do such a thing? I always like to think that gardeners are nice people. Clearly there are exceptions. But let’ s hope not many.

  7. This is worse than a stalker……even from up here I feel physically sick for you ….I have no more words…….

    • I was very upset yesterday and woke up feeling the same, a good trip out in the sunshine has recharged my positive ions. Your kinds words are appreciated x Upwards and onwards!

  8. Adam D

    I have been a lurker of your blog for the last 6 months and I must say that I have enjoyed reading your gardening adventures!
    Stealing plants is just damn right nasty 😦
    You have my sympathies and I know that if it were me then I would also be fuming :grrr:

  9. How very strange. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this. I’m hoping against hope that these lowlife thieves will at least treat your plants well.

  10. Gill I’m relatively new to your blog, but even in this short space of time your daily ramblings have kept me both informed and amused, so I was greatly saddened to read your latest piece, especially as it’s plants that are irreplaceable to you. May their wellies always be full of vine weevils!
    Chin up – there’s more of us than them:)

  11. Cathy Marjoram

    That’s very bad missus. What a wierd and rotten thing to do. May very bad luck fall upon them, for a long time!!!!
    There – that should do the trick!!
    C x x x

  12. Michelle - Germany

    This really is just dreadful, it makes me very very sad…..hard to believe really, in my lovely Lee….. 😦 So so sorry Gill….

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