Series GP – Something Fishy

Tree camelia_edited-1 (683x1024)Our Guest Photographer today is Betsy Bee with her trusty fish eye lens.  When I was a child one of my favorite fairy tales was Babes in the Wood.   I especially enjoyed the part where the siblings made a bed in the forest and covered themselves in a snug duvet of leaves.  The safety and security of being amongst trees has stayed with me into adulthood and it is an environment where I feel at peace.  In this picture there is something very comforting in the way the Holm Oak limbs bend down towards you, embracing you in their gentle arms.



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5 responses to “Series GP – Something Fishy

  1. Lucy Corrander

    I like the sense of distance between trees in this photo.

  2. hero

    i like this one….

  3. diversifolius

    Something you can trust…Great image!

  4. The image is great and I love your remembrance of a childhood story.

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