17June14 027 (1024x683)My early morning assessment of the garden found the pendulum swaying towards the negative.  Not a gentle nudge over the line from hope to despair but a vigorous swing into gloom.  Nothing escaped my critical eye; weeds setting seed at every corner (didn’t I do that area on Friday?), plants pale and wanting (you have been fed and watered what is your problem?), mollusc lace abounded (it is bone dry, you should be hiding in a wall somewhere not munching the youngsters!), piles of debris (on the list to be shifted to the bonfire), crusty soil and crackling pots (a little nocturnal rain would be much appreciated).  It appeared that over night some sadist had adjusted the speed of the down escalator we are trying to climb from “Tired Three Toed Sloth Mode” to “Usain Bolt Trying His Best” leaving us sprawling in a heap at the bottom.  Walking back towards the potting shed for my first Martini of the day I passed the Tennis Court Bank.  If you squint your eyes up tight and you don’t have your specs on it doesn’t look too bad.  This revelation hearlded a shift in disposition and the moodometer shifted to “No problem”.  My step may even have sprung.  As this was all before 9.00am and it made for a very constructive day.  As my cockiness is invariably followed by a monumental fall, generally into a stinky dung heap, I am presuming tomorrow will be another day.



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12 responses to “Squint

  1. I am reading your time line of the day and you had a martini for breakfast?? Obviously that means something else and its going over my head. Your sky is so very blue, keep your sunny side up!

  2. diversifolius

    May I suggest the first Martini before the garden assessment? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    That’s the month of June here too; you work very hard and somehow it looks like nothing was done, day after day…The Tennis Court Bank is picture perfect!

  3. I think we all have these days Gill. I just seem to be chasing my tail on every front at the moment. But if we stop to draw breath, look up and see beyond the crap there’s our very own tennis court bank there on the horizon. If I can’t see it I generally have another Martini 😉

  4. as Van Morrison sang…’there’ll be days like these ‘…..:)

  5. The Tennis Court Bank is looking wonderful as I am sure the rest of the garden does. It is odd how some days I think my garden looks perfect and other days I think it looks a mess. Sometimes all it takes is for the sun to come out.
    I am still intrigued by the 9am first martini.

  6. It’s that time of year when everything is growing like a weed, including the weeds. Gardeners have been working full out since early spring and there’s no end in sight. So, that’s the situation. It’s marvelous that you can make humor out of it!

    The garden is and will always be a work in progress.

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