H & H

17June14 001 (1024x683)Hot, hot, hot, horseflies, horseflies, horseflies.



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6 responses to “H & H

  1. Adam D

    I like your flowers, but I am not a fan of horseflies!

    I remember being bitten many years ago and it hurt. Last year we suffered from what can only be described as a biblical plague of the horrible things up here (they are commonly referred to as Clegs up here in Scotland).

    I was bitten a few times, but the funniest time was the day after my son’s birthday; my Dad and step Mum had come up and we went for a walk with my son and youngest daughter and there was a 400 yard stretch of the path through the woods where we buzzed regularly by the buggers. Thankfully they are pretty slow at pitching and then biting so we had to keep watching each other’s backs and then swiping them as they landed on us.

    None of us were bitten, but to people looking at us from a distance it must have looked pretty funny.

    • Yep I would definitely have avoided your family! You definitely need a friend to deal with them. I heard that they will keep coming back to the same spot indefinitely, so you have to be brave, wait for them to land and then get them! I have found it is more fun to be the whacker than the whackee. They have got me a few times and it isn’t very nice but I think the anticipation is probably far worse 🙂

  2. diversifolius

    This sounds worse than hot & mosquitoes! Funny, I also took pictures of yellow flowers today (what are yours – Helianthemum like?

  3. Gah – horseflies are horrible! They take out a serious chunk of hide when they bite!

    We could sure use some sunshine and heat here…it’s been so cold, I’m starting to wonder if winter ever truly left us.

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