Series GP – Malvern Maid

photo 2 (1024x765)A few years ago, perhaps six or seven, we were given a bag of Cardiocrinum giganteum seed.  We rubbed our hands together in glee and planned a forest of these statuesque lilies that reach a majestic 2m before flowering with trumpets the angels would be proud of.  In true prima donna style they then keel over and die leaving behind a million potential offspring.  Our seed germinated like cress and optimism reigned supreme.  They were potted on and cooed over.  My new outfit was planned for when the national press arrived to photograph the spectacle of these stupendous blooms.  Then we planted some out in the garden.  Overnight they disappeared.  A chink in our master plan had appeared, it seems they are the Pied Piper of molluscs.  So I started to hand them out to friends on the premise that even if we couldn’t succeed it would be nice know that one made it through to continue the sap line.  One of these pressed upon friends was Malvern Maid who this week, and in an hour of need, revealed the glory that could have would have should have been.  This is her photo of her adopted daughter.  It really couldn’t have happened to a nicer person and it lifted my spirits to see how well she had done.  We still have some pot bound and miserable specimens, I went straight out and planted them, where there is life there is hope.



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15 responses to “Series GP – Malvern Maid

  1. diversifolius

    Very well said! Spread the joy around and it will come back to you, at least as a picture 🙂 I saw one flowering at UBC Botanical Garden a while ago and is indeed impressive.

    • And it was such perfect timing! I still have the seed somewhere, I wonder if it is still viable?

      • diversifolius

        Most seeds remain viable for at least 4-5 years, but usually if kept at low temperatures. But give it a try, or wait for fresh seed from the flowering one 🙂
        I put seeds at the nursery once and indeed it germinates like crazy, so I think the way to go would be to seed a bit a few years in a row, so they’ll look like flowering year after year…

  2. I first saw these at a N/T property can’t remember which…..and I couldn’t wait to get home to find out what they were. Have since seen quite a few, most recently at Bodnant in the Dell last year. Giants ……. !!!

  3. nee Malvern Maid

    Mother and I are really proud that we got it to flowering point ~ it seemed the resident muntjac didn’t like it after one nibbling session or it might have been the willow fortress that we built around it.
    Thank you Gill for spreading the joy.

  4. oh what you are missing – nice to see others enjoying your generosity

  5. I applaud your generosity of spirit and admire the beautiful results!

  6. Amazing, hope they survive to flower for you too one day!

  7. What an absolute beauty! Hoping for success with yours!

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