Digitalis canariensis – Canary Island Foxglove

17June14 030 (684x1024)Just like Don Quixote I am not adverse to the odd shake of my secateurs at any deserving windmill.  This is Digitalis canariensis, which according to The Windmills is the new name for Isoplexis canariensis.   If anyone had had the good grace to consult with me I would have told them that I think isoplexis is a much more fitting name for this glamorous foxglove relative.  Perhaps next time they will ask my opinion and we can avoid a repeat of this whole nasty episode.



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8 responses to “Digitalis canariensis – Canary Island Foxglove

  1. diversifolius

    By any name they are beautiful, but the phylogenetic relationships involve hard work (like all the others 🙂

  2. Betsy Hosegood

    I vote for a new plant-naming committee with you as chairwoman.

  3. Helen Johnstone

    I have only recently come across this plant, possibly because of the change of name, but it is a stunner and on the list of acquisitions to be made. Have you seen the new names for some of the Asters – unpronouable

  4. What ever it’s name I really love this plant and it’s colour….

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