Worn Out

P1020039 (1024x769)The position of Superhero in the Garden has recently become available.  Our last one wore out.



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14 responses to “Worn Out

  1. If she is available for recycling let us know!

  2. Mike Reed

    A bigger mower might help !!

    • He had been on a mowing/strimming fest and it was so hot and humid today. You will be pleased to know he did get up again (I gave him a little kick) and he continued slaving for the rest of the day 🙂

  3. diane

    I know the feeling. Only I lie on my back on the grass, with my eyes shut.

  4. Michelle - Germany

    I know this feeling only too well!! And yes, the mower is a wee bit dinky for that large expanse!! Poor fella! A hug from me for Hero x 🙂 My lawn is wa,y way smaller, he is welcome here any time 😉

  5. Maybe I need someone to give me a little kick. Hot. Tired. Sigh.

  6. hero

    He was in that position all day Monday on the lounger when you weren’t here….joking…as if we have a lounger!!??

  7. Too much fun being had and not enough work….only joking …..it’s too warm to do much here as well….

  8. Betsy Hosegood

    Poor, poor Super Baz!

  9. All that grass! He really needs a ride on mower. Then he would have no excuse to lie down making the place look so untidy.

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