With a Lot of Help from my Friends

P1020055 (1024x766)This is going to be brief as the red light is flashing on my battery.  I could not have asked for a better day.  We were blessed with a visit from a wonderful group of visitors from the local Plant Heritage group.  They were ready and willing in wellies, even though the sun shone for the duration of their visit.  They were keen and curious, they were open minded and fun.  They knew how to appreciate a good cup of tea and a piece of homemade cake.  They didn’t want to rush, except perhaps when they got a sniff of Hero’s lemon drizzle cake. They said nice things.  They brought plants with them.  They laughed at several of my jokes.  They made me do a cartwheel and I pretended I was rubbish just to make them feel better. They were a joy.

None of this could have been achieved without the monumental amount of help and support we received from those around us.  Phlomis Phlo and TT were unstoppable in the catering department, not only supplying cake but cups, the urn, trays, crowd control, expertise ……. the list is endless and it will probably take me to the end of my days to pay them back.  Damage came up trumps again with furniture removal and cake decoration.  Bosswoman made a dribble inducing chocolate cake.  Friends traveled a long way when, as I heard today on the hortie grapevine, they have their own garden being visited tomorrow.  Lastly me old mucker Hero, long suffering and patient, a faithful ally even though her hat was on back to front.  I am one lucky gardener.



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18 responses to “With a Lot of Help from my Friends

  1. What an amazing team …well done to all…… your posts do crack me up…made my day yet again…. 🙂

  2. Chris Townsend

    Hiya Gill We met you a couple of years ago – in the garden – we are from Oz celebrating my 50th. Drop into the Mill House and say G’day. Chris
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  3. This is what friends are for. You clearly have the best sort. We are in the process of rallying the troops for our open day. Visitors may need machetes to get through garden gate and to the tea and cake!

  4. diversifolius

    So much cake! – great to have such friends 🙂 I always thought that with friends, plants AND cake one can get through anything!

  5. I am so pleased to hear that your garden visit came off without a hitch. Congratulations! I hope you get to sleep in tomorrow. You’ve left visions of cakes dancing in my head.

  6. What a wonderfully supportive team of friends and helpers you have. Garden Open days are exhausting and impossible without willing help.
    I belong to Plant Heritage and they are all lovely people here in Suffolk too. But then most gardeners are lovely, caring people.’

  7. Bruggies

    Yet again a lovely blog.All your blogs reflect your personality and give us so much pleasure.

  8. Gill you did us proud and I’ll make sure you get to vet the video of your cartwheel before it goes on Youtube:) Thank you for a great afternoon xx

  9. Hurrah, well done and good news. Glad this all went well. 🙂 Proper cartwheels?

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