Fuchsia triphylla

P1020042 (767x1024)This is Fuchsia triphylla, it is a tender but worth the effort.  After a fantastic day traveling the breadth of the county, seeing old friends, favorite gardens and meeting new and interesting people I am feeling a little tender myself.  Just like this wonderful fuchsia it was certainly worth the effort.



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4 responses to “Fuchsia triphylla

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen a fuchsia this colour before. It’s lovely – but I imagine you have to be careful what other plants you put it with. (Incidentally, I’d like to reform the spelling for fuchsia. It doesn’t make sense in English and I always get it wrong.)

  2. Nicest Dutch person you know

    Reading through your latest posts I do believe you are entitled to a big fat medal form the Devon tourist board or something. You make me sigh behind my computer in the office thinking I wish I was you!

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