1July14 046 (1024x683)Today I have been suffering the effects of an overload of excitement.  I know there are worse afflictions but today my get up and go had got up and headed to Minehead for a (hopefully) short break.  Although it was, on the face of it, a perfect summer’s day replete with hazy sunshine accompanied by a soothing breeze blown in by the Archangel Gabriel himself, I couldn’t muster the energy or enthusiasm for anything but the most menial and mundane jobs.  No one visited, nothing of note happened, I may have sighed.  Never mind, I am sure tomorrow the balance will be redressed and I will be back to my irritatingly optimistic self.



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10 responses to “Deflated

  1. Adam D

    Deflation is no fun. You have my sympathies.

    I think I left my get and go in Albufeira after returning from there late on Sunday night with my family. I have been suffering insomnia since then (this is something that rarely affects me) and today I had to go into work, yuck!

    It doesn’t help that my work bores me silly, but I have an escape plan as I have an interview coming up soon with another company.

    This evening has been warm and I set a personal best on one of local loops on my mountain bike.

    Life ain’t too bad really.

    • Sometimes you need to wallow awhile before you realise how lucky you are. Good luck with the interview, let me know how you get on. Hope you get a good sleep tonight, it makes all the difference! 🙂

      • Adam D

        Thanks Gill and I will let you know if I am successful or not.

        As I said above insomnia is something that I have never suffered from much before and I don’t like it during the night or the effects during the day.

  2. diversifolius

    Just one of those days…

  3. It happens to us all, but few of us can turn deflation into humor the way you can.

  4. chin up kid…..the sun’s out ….it could be blowing a gale

  5. Peggy Heavens

    Now i feel deflated !

  6. Bruggies

    It’s still a nice photo though.thanks

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