P1020079 (1024x766)This is not a dolphin it is a snorkeler.  It was a great disappointment to me too.

ps  Photo taken from bottom garden composting area – proof that we really are on the edge!



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9 responses to “Dolphin

  1. Adam D

    It’s still quite cool though having a snorkeler swimming past the bottom of your garden!

    If it had been a dolphin then I would have told my youngest, Claudia-Lily, to come and have a look as she is a huge animal lover.

  2. diversifolius

    You tricky person! 🙂

  3. Bosswoman

    Just when I thought you had actually spotted a dolphin……

  4. A snorkeler, ha ha! We used to live by the water. We saw sea otters, kayakers, seals, swans and salmon, but never a dolphin or a snorkeler. It’s a funny word, isn’t it? Say it fast three times: “snorkeler, snorkeler, snorkeler”!

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