P1020107 (1024x768)The delivery of rain we had been expecting arrived today.   There were various caveats attached to my order, some of which were blatently disregarded, they were:

a)  Enough rain to make it worth the effort,
b)  it was to fall softly, ensuring our brittle dessicated plants were not damaged,
c)  it was to be nocturnal,
d)  it was to be fragrant.

One out of four is not good; there will be a letter to the management.

This afternoon this little moth/butterfly thingy was transfixed, seemingly glued to the achillea landing pad.  Perhaps it was just having a long anticipated soak in the warm summer shower.





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8 responses to “Shower

  1. Rain rarely does what we want it to – nor does any weather! We had rain yesterday along with strong winds and although the sun is shining this morning the flattened roses look a bit pitiful. But at least it will make the weeds grow!

  2. Adam D

    Oh, I can see that you are quite a fussy one when it comes to rain 😉

    It rained up here on Friday afternoon and early evening, quite decent rain as well and the garden certainly appreciated the drink as some plants were starting to wilt a bit and the grass is going yellow in places (it rarely goes yellow up here in Scotland!)

    I don’t mind the rain that much, but what I do not like in the summer is strong winds like we had on Wednesday and Thursday as it tends to make the big herbaceous plants look a bit unkempt.

  3. Funny, it rained here, too. I didn’t think it was enough, so I watered. Then, it rained again. 🙂

  4. Oh you are all so fortunate! I don’t remember when it last rained here, but then perhaps my memory is getting deficient. The roses are resting now so it would not harm them, but the fruit trees are ripening fast. We picked a dozen nectarines this morning as large as the market variety, and from the new tree.

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