Tree Watching – On the Mend

9July14 005 (1024x683)After looking last month like it had been attacked with DDT, the medlar appears to making a recovery.  We have had some heavy rain over the last few days and I wonder if it was just suffering from drought.   It is planted near rocky outcrops at the top of the garden.  If the soil beneath its mighty frame is shallow its roots may be very close to the surface and therefore vulnerable.  We are not used to water shortage in North Devon so this kind of stress is not something we have to diagnose very often.  Whatever the reason it seems to be off the critical list and back into the “just a bit poorly” category.  The young fruits are forming well and none appear to have dropped, unless they have been snaffled by the badgers on one of their nocturnal forays.  I love the way the fruiting spur nestles in the lichened branch, something ancient supporting something new.



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3 responses to “Tree Watching – On the Mend

  1. I’ m glad your tree is on the mend. Mine has some browning on the leaf edges, obviously they don’ t like drought. Still it looks like a good year for medlar fruit.

  2. I’m with you on the charm of lichen on fruit trees. I’ve always been captivated by abandoned orchards, stooped and ancient, yet still producing fruit.

  3. Lucy Corrander

    Such a very pretty picture. Glad the tree is recovering. Are you having lots of water now. We are having almost non-stop thunder but very little rain.

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