Away Day (again)

Burrow 21July14 051 (1024x683)Today I had the absolute blooming pleasure of visiting Burrow Farm Gardens near Axminster.  Due to tiredness brought on by a combination of the A361 and over-excitement I am at present unable to string a sentence together (oi! quiet in the cheap seats, I even stretch to paragraphs on the odd occasion!). Therefore I offer you a word map of my experience.  Welcome, orchids, vision, Romans, acers, erigeron, views, foresight, grasses, butterflies, ducks, taxodium, skunk cabbage, sculpture, ha ha, millennium, roses, eucalpytus, family, sun, slate, collies, field maple, future, millionaires shortbread, hypericum, new friends.  I rest my case.



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5 responses to “Away Day (again)

  1. Adam D

    Hmmm, over-excitement, eh? I reckon it could be too much millionaires shortbread, ha ha! That stuff is stuffed full of sugar, but so moreish, yum, yum!

    Your word map paints an enticing picture, a real mixture of interesting things.

    The sun has been shining up here today, in fact it has been out for 3 of the last 4 days and everything is good. It is my son’s birthday tomorrow. Everything is ready and that included me making up 14 chicken kebabs this morning – I can taste them already 🙂

  2. You will be back to your normal self again soon…. 🙂

  3. Is that a field full of Verbena bonariensis? Fantastic!

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