Fuchsia procumbens

IMG_2082 - Copy (1024x684)Things were more settled in the garden today, well I was anyway.  Reconnecting.  The relentless heat continued, the feriosity of which is bound to make our truly tropical friends sigh or giggle or scream “you ain’t seen nothing mate!”.  We were blessed by a cool breeze coming off the sea which brought with it squeals of joy from a posse of kayakers and respite from the horseflies.  A visit from Rambling Ron brought refreshment of the inspirational kind, he planted a few seeds and watered some others.

The blue pollen on this diminutive Fuchsia procumbens is the icing on the cake of this psychedelic flower poking its head up above the lily pad leaves.



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3 responses to “Fuchsia procumbens

  1. oooooo….like…like …..like…. 🙂

  2. Lovely, but a bit weird.

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