Fuchsia boliviana “Alba”

IMG_2071 (683x1024)The day has been fraught with broken computers, unresponsive mobiles and an off/barely on internet connection.  To some this might sound like heaven and I will embrace the enforced radio silence.  Luckily this photo of Fuchsia boliviana “Alba” speaks for itself.



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13 responses to “Fuchsia boliviana “Alba”

  1. No, those problems are not heaven when you come to rely on them. All very frustrating! But the fuchsia is beautiful.

    • It has taken seven years to flower so I am very happy, hope it doesn’t die now! It is all good when it is working, when it goes wrong it is a different (and expensive) story!

  2. all these techno’ things get annoying at times….good job we have our gardens to let of steam….another gorgeous fushia…. 🙂

    • Thank you Sue, hopefully my hard disc is accessible so wont have lost 200 photos I took on Monday after a 2 hour drive there and another 2 hours back (and hadn’t got around to backing up yet!).

  3. So glad to hear you didn’t lose your pictures. The loss of photos is one of the worst things about these technology failures. Of course, it used to happen with photo prints, too. Friends of mine lost their entire house in a fire and they said the destruction of photos of their children’s early years was terribly painful.

  4. Er, I mean I hope you didn’t lose your pictures!

  5. I’ m not a Fuchsia fan as a rule but this one is stunning. Worth a 7 year wait.

  6. diversifolius

    So many Fuchsias! – this is a great one. I hope you didn’t lose your pictures.
    I couldn’t back up my website before going away and now I’m afraid to open it…

  7. One word – ENVY! That’s my kind of fuchsia. I’m just bringing on cuttings of F. splendens and F. ‘Space Shuttle’. Nice, but not nearly so impressive as yours.

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