Series GP – Baby Peregrine

Baby perigrine copy-1This photo shows the fledgling peregrine I spoke of yesterday.  Taken by Betsy Bee, this photo shows our young pretender sitting in one of the Monterey Pines which stand guard over the cliffs at Damage. A rare treat.


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7 responses to “Series GP – Baby Peregrine

  1. Lucy Corrander

    It makes the garden seem to be a wild and remote and inaccessible place such is the power and image of the bird.

  2. A rare treat, indeed. Thanks for posting.

  3. Adam D

    Peregrine Falcons are amazing birds.

    A good friend of mine was one of the volunteers this year supporting the nesting PFs at Norwich Cathedral.

    Nothing as exciting happened bird-wise here, but we have had some Dunnochs nesting in our hedges, which the children loved and a pair of Oyster Catchers laid a few eggs in the playground of their school! The section of the playground by the nest had to be cordoned off and when they hatched this cordon had to be extended even further.

    • What a fantastic job! Mind you I expect you needed a head for heights. Good to get kids interested in wildlife, learn respect now and they won’t forget it. You enjoyed your holiday?

      • Adam D

        Hi Gill,

        I have had a fab holiday thanks; birthdays of the two eldest, lots of barbecues, visited the in-laws and Cally Gardens nursery (have you ever been there?), rode the red trail at Dalbeattie MTB trail and bought a new puppy! I will tell you more about Zac later.

        I am buzzing, going back to work on Monday is going to be such a drag…..

        All the best


      • Sounds brilliant, except the going back to work bit! The puppy sounds particularly good 🙂

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