P1020244 - Copy (2)Things that have made me happy today:

1.  We won the tastiest fruit/veg cup at the Village Show,
2.  An envoy from The Gatehouse told me that the garden has personality (hopefully not psychotic),
3.  A Swiss visitor said the garden was a haven of peace (mind you I wasn’t actually in the garden when she made this assessment),
4.  It has started to rain (only a dribble but to be honest we will take anything).


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8 responses to “Happy

  1. diversifolius

    Lots of reasons for happiness 🙂 Beautiful picture!

  2. Are tomatoes fruit, veg, or something from Harry Potter?!
    As Arni used to say, “Asta la vista baby”

  3. Your photograph has made me happy today. Also, I spent time with two of my grandsons. I went to the park with the 3 year old and bounced the 2-1/2 month old on my knee. I’m sure the three year old would have been delighted with your vegetable monster.

  4. Veggie monsters rule…… :-0

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