Pied Piper

P1020520 (2)Mushelle, the girl with a mushroom for a head, says “Come follow me to http://www.offtheedgegardening.wordpress.com where you will find the useless and useful, some facts and a few fibs, deep thoughts and tall tales, with the odd joke and acrobatic move thrown in.”  In truth she didn’t actually speak those words because she hasn’t got a mouth.  As luck would have it she is also a master of the Vulcan mind meld and that was the gist of the message.   If I were you I would do as instructed, you wouldn’t want to get her angry, very messy!


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8 responses to “Pied Piper

  1. Cathy marjoram

    We will follow you oh mighty Mushelle on or off the edge….preferably not over the edge though

  2. I’m following because I wouldn’t dare NOT to follow. There would be too much to miss.

  3. Newly following. I hope. If I’ve pressed all the right buttons….

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