“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” T S Eliot, Little Gidding, The Four Quartets

“Live Long and Prosper”  Vulcan Blessing


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20 responses to “Adieu

  1. Are you off somewhere Gill? On hols I hope?

  2. Betsy Hosegood

    Stunning photo. We shall all miss you so much.

  3. diversifolius

    Are you going to disappear through the light beam? You couldn’t see me but I made the Vulcan sign 🙂 (can only make it with my left hand, don’t know why)

  4. Michelle - Germany

    I dont understand? You are leaving? No!! Cant be true.:-( ….stunning photo.

  5. You will be missed where ever you may go. And we will all be waiting for upon your return.

  6. Adieu sounds so final. I hope you are not going to give up your blog. We all enjoy your lovely, but slightly wacky take on life, not to mention your gardening knowledge. Yours is a unique voice which would be really missed. Please don’ t go.

  7. Lucy Shiels

    Are you going to come and visit me in Ireland? you are most welcome anytime. XXX

  8. Torrington Tina

    You are more than welcome to visit me and I do cakes but not so good at suntans. I will miss this blog if it is ending and I have only just joined – Happy Gardening wherever you are.

  9. Adam D

    Where have you gone Gill? Unlike you not to respond to people’s comments.

    • New blog coming soon, hope you and the rest of the gang will follow. Will keep you posted x

      • Adam D

        Of course I will follow and from what I have read above your existing followers will also come along 🙂

      • So glad to know you are not disappearing entirely. I also am working on a new blog — it takes a lot more time and thought than I’d anticipated but am planning to launch Site and Insight version 2 in September. I look forward to your new blog.

  10. Cathy Marjoram

    Waaaah what’s going on!?! ..are you going walkabout?…if so please walk up here…then stop walking.xxxxxx

  11. Don’t move too far sideways gil.heaven

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