Composting with a View

Today was the windiest day of the week so far, it had moved direction just enough to hit us full in the face, rocking everything and everybody just a little too much to be comfortable.  So logic guided us to retreat to the bottom garden which was in this instance far more sheltered than the main garden at the top of the hill.   We ferried wheelbarrows of wood chippings down the hill, accompanied by the sound of creaking knees and straining thighs, praying that the handles would stay on the barrows (unlike some of our previous vehicles) and that we wouldn’t meet the Postie.  After weeding and mulching the borders we then pushed the empty ones back up the hill, and so the cycle repeated. By some unnamed, and perhaps as yet undiscovered, scientific law these barrows became heavier as the day progressed.

We also crown raised and cleared the trunk of a 30ft Eucryphia, ridding it of strangling ivy, brambles and weak whippy shoots which were cluttering and choking an already densely shaded area.  The end result of our extreme manicure left everyone happier, both tree and gardeners, it was altogether a very satisfying experience.  An element of excitement was added by Bosswoman ringing me as I was balancing on a chair (2 legs only on the ground) sawing a substantial branch that in reality was a little too far way for comfort.

This photo shows the view from the bottom garden composting area, which I think you would agree is a pretty amazing place to chuck your weeds and light your fires.


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